Although not widely known, Radical Concepts has been providing high-quality OEM private-labeled grips for Model 1911 pistols since 1989. Since then we have produced grips and provided specialized services and products not only for Colt, but also for other makers such as Springfield Armory, Smith & Wesson, Auto Ordnance, Federal Ordnance and several small custom 1911 makers.

Springfield Armory came to us for grips for their then-new Omega 10mm. Below is a view of one of the prototypes of the Omega grips which we provided. All the early Omegas wore Radical Grips with the striking and distinctive Omega medallion. However, Springfield chose our black grips for their production Omega pistols instead of the Coool Blue prototype seen here. We really think that they should have gone with the Coool Blue.

Our early grips featured a sporty and functional pebble-textured surface. However, in 1990 Colt requested us to design a new grip for their upcoming Model 1991A1. Because the Model 1991 was reminiscent of their basic military pistol, we chose the traditional checkering pattern for the new grips which has carried through to our current production panel and wraparound grips.

If you build 1911 pistols on any scale, either production or custom, and need an OEM grip with your private label branding, we can help. We can also produce rubber or polymer grips to your design which would be your exclusive product. The only limitation is your imagination.

For more information on OEM Radical Grips, give us a call at 775-453-9355 or drop us a line at:  We welcome your inquiry.

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Colt Delta Elite

with OEM wraparound grips

supplied by Radical Concepts

Colt Model 1991

with OEM panel grips

supplied by Radical Concepts

There's no question about it that Colt's Model 1911 is the most copied, and by popular demand, the greatest auto-pistol in the world today. No other auto-pistol in history has enjoyed such popularity even after 115 years of continuous production by Colt, and now by its many admirers worldwide.

Radical Grips  for Colt's Model 1911 and clones

We're celebrating 28 years of service!

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We take great pride in providing very high-quality, American made, private-labeled OEM Model 1911 grips to the trade, and in our growing line of innovative products.

If you are a firearms manufacturer with a need for unique, high-quality private-labeled grips at low OEM prices, we welcome your inquiry. Our 28 years of history with Colt and nearly one million grips in service stand as our credentials in the industry.

We would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you, too.


We would like to thank all of our friends at Colt for their 28 years of continuous reliance on our OEM Radical Grips to enhance their world-famous Model 1911 pistols.

We are proud to be a part of Colt's history and we look forward to another 28 years of service and friendship.

Our best to all of you at Colt,

Roger Renner,

Radical Concepts